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ZONEWATCH is introducing a new project to improve safety in your area! For every six NEW ZONEWATCH clients per street, we will install one proactive analytical IP camera accessible from your smart device. All Zonewatch customers get access to their street camera. This is an additional layer of internal surveillance in your street, over and above the existing cameras in your area.

Once 6 new households have registered as Zonewatch clients, an area manager will be in contact to discuss the location and placement of the camera. When finalized your camera will be installed and ready for viewing via an app that will be provided to all 6 new and current Zonewatch clients in the street. We at Zonewatch are excited about this project and we aim to create a safer community.

In the community • with the community • for the community

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positive arrests


Our urban surveillance 6for1 put another notch on its gun belt a few nights ago in Oostersee. Camera triggered and the CMC quickly assessed the situation and sent out a patrol vehicle. A quick sweep of the area resulted in the stopping and searching of a suspect matching the clothing description provided by the CMC Operator. Suspect arrested by SAPS for possession of mandrax, dangerous weapon and a brick (as well as the breaking of curfew). Well done to the CMC, Central team and Corrie for yet again knocking it out the park with technology future of the areas we work in and I can’t wait to get more clients on board to create a safer and better community.”

Once each 6for1 camera has been operational for at least one year, we plan to pull statistics. By checking the amount of activity on each incident we can track over certain time periods if crime or activity has decreased since the installation of the camera, this will then further insinuate that these cameras are scaring away burglars and other nuances that may deter the neighbourhood.

About us

Established in 1993, initially as a localized patrolling and response company in Pinelands.

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Tel: 086 15 15 800

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